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Powerful, concise,

YAWL is a free, open source BPM/Workflow system, based on a concise and powerful modelling language, that handles complex data transformations, and full integration with organizational resources, applications and external Web Services.

A new article on YAWL has been published in the journal SoftwareX

Adams, M, Hense, A.V, and ter Hofstede, A.H.M. YAWL: An open source Business Process Management System from science for science, SoftwareX Volume 12, 2020, 100576


Concise Language

YAWL is the most powerful process specification language for capturing control-flow dependencies and resourcing requirements.


Data Handling

Supports drag and drop data mappings, or direct access to native data handling using XML Schema, XPath and XQuery.


Extensible Architecture

A modular, service-oriented architecture provides an environment that can easily be tuned to specific needs.


FoPAS 2020 Workshop

If you work or research in process automation and related fields - even if you don't use YAWL - please consider submitting an article to the Frontiers of Process Aware Systems Workshop 2020, to be held October 5 in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

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