Contributing to YAWL

Code Contributions

If you have developed a YAWL Custom Service, or a codelet or other plugin, and you think it may be useful for other users, please consider contributing it to the YAWL Environment. You can contribute in two ways, either by donating the code to the YAWL Foundation for inclusion in future releases, or by hosting the service or plugin on an external site and providing a link to it.

If you would like to make contributions to the code base (e.g. bug fixes or enhancements), you should first checkout the code from GitHub and set it up as a project in the IDE of your choice (we use and recommend IntelliJ Idea). Initially, you can submit patches of your contributions to Later, you may become an official contributor and be granted direct commit access to the codebase.

All code contributors need to complete the YAWL Contributors Agreement.

Tutorials and Documentation

Any written material, walkthroughs, videos, screenshots, blog posts, slides etc. to do with using or extending YAWL will be greatly appreciated by other YAWL users. Please submit all contributions to

Any teaching materials, including details of when and where YAWL was used in a teaching scenario, are also greatly appreciated.

If you find there is something missing from the YAWL User or Technical Manuals, or some things that can be explained better, or you have translations of (parts of) the manuals that you wish to share, please consider contributing to the YAWL Documentation. All contributions will be credited in the manual. Please submit all contributions to

Use Cases and User Stories

If you have implemented YAWL in your organisation, please let us know about it.

We appreciate any information you my be able to provide about what you are using YAWL for, what sort of hardware and hosting software you are using, any implementation tips, etc. Please submit all contributions to

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